Humans of Urban Schools

Teacher candidates are facilitating a Humans of Urban Schools project. In this project, students in our partner schools are interviewed and photographed. Their stories are shared on digital platforms in order to connect students in real time as a means of building community, foster their appreciation of social difference, and participate in civic activity through student voice. Check it out on Twitter and Instagram.

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Mamawi Together

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Mamawi Together is a grassroots reconciliation initiative. The Urban Communities Cohort is supporting Mamawi’s work to school boards through teacher candidates working in classrooms across two boards on Legacy Projects and sharing this work online. These projects can be a range of possibilities, from school-wide art symbolizing what reconciliation means, to letter writing demanding policy changes and financial commitment.

Civic Hackathon

The Urban Communities Cohort has partnered with Kinaxis to create the opportunity for students to participate in symbolizing how you can experience school differently. Through creating a game that challenges traditional schooling, students exercise their ability to think of school otherwise and voice their ideas about how school could lead to the engagement and evolution of their skills and knowledge. In this competition, students will be supported in learning HTML 5, but will be responsible for developing their own codes to represent their ideas. The event to display their game creations will take place on April 4th at the University of Ottawa.

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