If you have a desire to learn to teach in dynamic environments that focus on creating safe schools, increasing student achievement and building sustainable community partnerships, then the urban community cohort is for you. As part of a longstanding partnership with Ottawa school boards, teacher candidates in the J/I or I/S streams have the opportunity to work at schools that have been identified as urban priority because of their diversity in cultures, languages spoken, ethnicities, and their students’ residency statuses in Canada. Teacher candidates who join the Urban Communities Cohort become part of a team approach to teaching and are immersed in learning experiences focused on strategies that allow for critical engagement, student success, agency, and are relevant to the lives of their students and their communities. In the field, teacher candidates are given ongoing support in creating powerful learning experiences for their students. We look forward to welcoming teacher candidates into our community and building upon their contributions.

After acceptance into the B.Ed program, incoming secondary teacher candidates are invited to express interest in being part of the Urban Communities Cohort (UCC) which requires a commitment to:

  1. Being open to exploring current research and literature on diversity, urban schools and how they as teacher candidates can be better prepared to serve students within urban schools;
  2.  Becoming part of urban communities through community service learning one day per week in their assigned school across a range of curricular and extra-curricular needs.
  3. Committing to pedagogical excellence that hinges on building relationships and creating engaging learning experiences that develop skills and knowledge and ensures student success.